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A cryptocurrency for minimalists.

Developer of Apsis Online

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RogueMicro is a blockchain game studio developing flexible server technologies that connect multiplayer games to cryptocurrencies.

ROGUE was built on the idea that simplicity is the key to mainstream adoption and that people prefer software that just works.

This project aims to simplify the blockchain.

How it works: ROGUE is derived from Litecoin and will be stripped down to just its core mechanics. This includes removing QT and other non-critical components. Which reduces installation time and technical overhead on desktop. Some parts will be rewritten in C for efficiency and a new lightweight text-user interface (TUI) cloud wallet and message board, the Rogue BBS, will operate seperately from the default CLI daemon.

Now you might also be wondering why an '@' symbol represents the logo and why the word "Rogue" is so prominent here. We borrowed the idea from the classic depiction of a player-character dating back to the original Rogue video game. Which has since spawned an entire sub-genre of titles under the label "roguelikes". One of which we've made and ROGUE plugs right into it!

Play. Earn. Play!

Players will be able to earn ROGUE by simply playing one of various games on the Rogue BBS platform. The platform takes no fees from ROGUE deposits or withdrawals nor does it deduct from transactions taking place in the #Marketplace board.


Each new account generated is assigned a unique wallet address. Since it will not be required for new users to register with an email, withdrawals and swaps may be limited to those with 2FA enabled. The reasoning being to eliminate instances of users locking themselves out of accounts with funds in them. Since all wallet functions (transactions and balances) take place in the cloud.

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Rogue Cloud Wallet

Rogue BBS (stylized RBBS) was built for speed and security by geeks for geeks who have a love for the command-line. Rendered in a sharp ASCII style for the purist in all of us. Join the conversation!

  • Post, comment or subscribe to things you find most interesting.
  • Create a page. Invite others, share privately or with the world.
  • Earn ROGUE by playing Apsis Online and other games!
  • Toggle in and out of gameplay sessions with ease.
  • Email registration and 2FA optional.